Wine Review: NV Wallaroo Trail LOT 212, Australia, Red

This red wine is a staple in most Montreal deps. It’s usually available in both a 750mL and 500mL bottle. To be honest, it often gets poorly rated on professional wine review websites, but I actually like this wine.

This wine is made from a blend of grape varieties from different harvests (from different years). 

It’s a bit spicy, so I wouldn’t call this a sweet wine by any means– and it also doesn’t taste like rubbing alcohol, so that’s a bonus. On the label, they describe the wine with aromas of raspberry and plum. I find this accurate, but they’re subtle aromas.

Ultimately, I think this wine is good for people who like a little kick. For me, the first glass took a little getting used to, but really, it’s not a bad wine. I lost my other notes on this wine, so I don’t remember if it was a “short finish”, or if it was “medium-bodied” or anything like that … Sorry! Would I drink this again? Yes, but I wouldn’t drink it alone – I’d probably eat it with a heavy lentil or bean dish (or some other dish that typically needs a bit of spicing up).



  1. …to be fair, one MUST, of course, apply a price “template” to the assessment of ANY wine. And when you consider the approximately $11.50 a Litre price, this wine really outshines many (if not most) of its similarly priced competitors. In fact, I will be abandoning my usual Italian and Spanish reds in favour of the bottle with the jumping Wallaroo…

    • MissingWallaroo said:

      We got this wine while on holiday this summer and agree that for the price, it’s great. But now we are back in Ontario and it is nowhere to be found? Can anyone tell me where to buy it in Ontario, or if not, in Quebec (close to Ontario border)? Thanks so much.

      • Binndi said:

        You can buy Lot 212 Wallaroo Trail at the IGA (grocery store) in Pincourt, Quebec (on Don Quichotte in the shopping center) which is on Ile Perrot, about an hour and a half -ish from Ottawa (going east). It’s about an hour east of Cornwall Ontario. Take the 20 over the bridge and bang, you’re there.

      • derek said:

        wallaroo trail can also be found in wineracks in several loblaws however its an ontario austrailia mix

  2. …btw—on AOL Dial-Up, your web page runs along about as smoothly as a walrus on figure skates……

  3. Hi…the product line (including Bin 212, and another favourite—Bin 313) are widely available here in Quebec—in just about any well-stocked grocery store. So, I’d guess that most outlets would carry them…even those close to the Ontario border. It might be a good idea to call ahead, though…to save yourselves unnecessary trips.
    Good luck…

  4. Sarah said:

    I found it at the Loblaws in Hull, QC right outside Ottawa.

  5. unshaven said:

    I buy Wallaroo on a regular basis, but after this bin lot 212 I am forgoing any more purchases from this company. They have changed the total taste of this wine. It is more like a bad Merlot now…. WAY too much oak. Horrible in my books. One less customer for them… bye bye 🙂

    • mary said:

      I have tasted many Australian wines on travelling there and if you love the wallaroo which i do many wineries i did visited was also really good! I need to also say that the wineries i visited in New Zealand where heaven just amazing! I think we visited them all, hic!
      I am in love with NZ for the nature the sheap, the beers and the wines! Best place in the world!

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